Palena_Soukaras Duo

Bandoneon and Guitar

Duo with Antonio Mercurio

Double Bass and Accordion

The DUO MERCURIO / PALENA, double bass and accordion was born in 2021, two instruments seemingly distant but very close together, which find as a link the ability to coexist in different musical areas, have their roots in classical music as well as in popular music, jazz and world music. The duo brings to the fore two instruments, usually used as accompaniment, showing their melodic, soloistic and rhythmic qualities, merging in a new musical dialogue: the double bass is conceived as a solo voice, evoking the human voice, the second as piano, organ, choir of voices, alternating instrumental timbres in a sound experience between different musical styles, without ever departing from the classical setting.

The idea was born from the need to bring to light this research, proposing a transversal repertoire, taking inspiration from the compositions of the great classical composers who, exploiting melodies and musical forms of the popular tradition, such as the prayer or the tarantella, created masterpieces of cultured music. To date, there are no original pieces for this formation, so the duo makes use of transcriptions that allow them to make the most of the characteristics of the two instruments.The chosen pieces range from purely classical to contemporary repertoire.